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My name is Carine Beau,  I am a French native living on the Emerald Isle. Ireland has been my adoptive land for nearly two decades, so I’ve decided that it was time to pay it a little tribute by expressing and demonstrating how beautiful an island it is. I write about Ireland in the present tense because NOW is ALL we’ve got, and because what was THEN and considered history still influences the Ireland I know – today.

When I am not blogging about Ireland, I am busy working as a tour guide which involves…you guessed it, more conversations about Ireland. One thing is for sure, I am ALWAYS busy observing the world around me – you will find more about that on my Facebook page, State of Simplicity.

This blog is the fruit of reflections that led me to realize that observation is becoming a lost art. Yet, it’s so easy to notice the beauty of the world around us by opening our eyes to it – just like children do.

Beauty On The Doorstep is really just that:  beauty in front of our eyes.

Beauty On The Doorstep brings awareness to the wonders that are out there: From roses blooming  in mid December or horses and foals grazing at the end of my country garden, to beautiful architecture born from the brilliant minds of Irish people. It’s all there, in a contemplative and beautiful moment that awaits you!

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